Droop by author Walter Harris

In London’s exclusive Forum restaurant, somewhere between the salmon paupiettes and Crêpe Suzette, Simon Rasp is confiding to his uncle about a highly personal medical condition. Droop is the commonly used expression to describe the sexual dysfunction often caused by too much alcohol; the psychological difficulties causing Simon Rasp’s droop in this book are more difficult to remedy. Simon loves and desires his wife Marcia, but as soon as she puts her hand on his thigh, his passion is snuffed out. His uncle, Sir Felix Lambswool, a judge in the High Court Family Division, who has sired some twenty children, all out of wedlock, suggests that Simon take a mistress. Simon does not want to do so, but eventually, when he can no longer resist, makes the unfortunate mistake of having an affair with is his uncle’s mistress, the irresistible Lure. Sir Felix takes a drastic and Machiavellian revenge.

DROOP was first published by W.H.Allen – Star Books in 1974, long before the arrival of chemical aphrodisiacs such as Levitra and Viagra.