Walter has a sonorous, mellifluous voice, which belies his 93 years. Walter-Harris-Voice-Over

Having a long career interviewing illustrious stars of radio, film, theatre and television; Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett and Jonathan Miller (on the opening night of Beyond the Fringe), Danny Kaye, John Wayne, and W. Somerset Maugham to name a few, Walter maintains ‘If you’re going to drop a name, make sure it’s a big one‘.

For the archival record, THEATRE 60 Walter interviewed several thespians including Noel Coward, Albert Finney, Harold Pinter, Peter Ustinov, Peter Hall, and the critic Kenneth Tynan. The Gramophone reviewed THEATRE 60 as ‘arguably one of the best spoken word records ever made’.

Walter more recently created the spoken word poetry CD Dispute in a Bubble Factory with music composed by Pepper.

Not many people can claim to acquire a new job after their 90th birthday, but that is what happened when Walter joined the books of bright young things at Soho Voices

A recent Sunday Times article about Walter’s voice-over work may be read here